Meet the Lustron Locator

What is the Lustron Locator?

The Lustron Locator is a searchable database of Lustron Homes. Information contained in the database includes location, model type, color and historic designation.

Why the Lustron Locator?

Documentation is a key part of the historic preservation process. In order to preserve and protect the remaining Lustrons, it is important to know where they are. It is estimated that approximately 2500 homes were manufactured by the Lustron Corporation before the company closed in 1950. It is unknown exactly how many of these homes were actually produced and of these, how many survive and in what condition. It is hoped that the Lustron Locator can change that by: establishing an accurate count of all the Lustrons erected in the United States, documenting the existing condition of remaining Lustrons, and identifying threatened, demolished and disassembled Lustrons.

The Locator is easily searchable, providing Lustron owners, historians, State Historic Preservation Offices, researchers, Preservation Commissions, potential Lustron buyers, and the general public with a means to search for specific Lustrons in their town or state, or around the country. By linking the Locator information to a Google map, users can finally see the geographic distribution of Lustrons in the United States, and identify them by their location, color, model type, or condition.

Your Help is Needed!

You play a critical role in this effort to track the elusive Lustron! The Locator database was created from a variety of sources including: the Lustron Locator, lists provided by State Historic Preservation Office and beta testers.

Although we strive for accuracy, not all the information in the database has been “field verified.” Perhaps you have discovered an elusive Lustron that is not already listed in the database or discovered an entry that isn’t accurate. Help us by correcting or expanding existing entries, or adding your information to the Lustron Locator. Start by searching the Locator for an address. If that Lustron is already entered, check the information to verify its accuracy. Since the information comes from a number of different sources, there may be errors. If you spot any, or want to add new information to the entry, please send us an email at to let us know what needs to be changed. To start a search, click here.

Make a New Entry

If “your” Lustron isn’t listed, you login (link), create a user ID and add a Lustron to the Locator—just fill in the fields with the appropriate information. If you already have a login ID, click here to create a new database entry.

Special Thanks.

Angie Boesch began the task of tracking Lustrons several years ago using her ‘Lustron Locator,’ a searchable, on-line listing of Lustrons that she created to compile and verify reported property locations. Her diligent efforts laid the foundation for our Lustron Database. We couldn’t have done it without her.

13 Responses to “Meet the Lustron Locator”

  1. Andy Schcolnik Says:

    I recently took down a Lustron in Arlington heights that was facing demolition, and plan to rebuild it in Chicago. We never found the plate indicating the Lustron serial number. Do you know anyone that, if I provide them with the address, will be able to help me determine the serial number?

  2. Frederick K. Zahrt Says:

    Interested in any disassembled Lustron homes for sale.
    Please contact:

    Frederick K. Zahrt
    PO Box 247
    Winamac, IN 46996
    cell 574-595-5136

  3. Cindy Fuchs Says:

    I came across the Lustron website and became very interested as I recalled seeing them in my hometown of Terre Haute, IN. There is another one that is not in your database, which is located at 106 Monterey Avenue, Terre haute, IN 47803.

    According to Zillow it was built in 1949. See

    Cindy Fuchs
    Rockville, MD

  4. Matthew Manz Says:

    There is a Lustron home used as a business for sale in Clarion, Iowa.

  5. debra gangelhoff Says:

    I think I saw a Lustron on the highway going through Ossian, Iowa. It is not listed on the locator. Am I right?

  6. Steve McLoughlin Says:

    Columbus,Ohio’s first Lustron at 47 N. Kellner Road burned and was demolished in February, 2012. It was approximaely one mile from the Lustron manufacturing facility, and appeared in local print media over the years. Vinyl siding covered its surf blue exterior, conventional roofing replaced the original, and the walls had been covered with drywall. The non-Lustron 2-car garage remains, suggesting that the house will be replaced. I have not received a reply to my letter to the owner, in which I asked about the status of the property.

  7. Michael Kearney Says:

    The locator map for the Lustron in Clinton, Iowa shows the location in Illinois, several miles south of the actual location in Iowa. Can this be corrected?

  8. Jonathan Paris Says:

    My friend lived across the street from a Lustron home in Brookfield Illinois- do not recall the street – I live near Pinehurst NC near Fort Bragg and there is a Lustron house off Page Road- do not know if this one is on the list or not.

  9. Jack Eichacker Says:

    Have been collecting Lustron info since visiting im my first Lustron in Palatine in l963. Presently live in the Irvington section of Indy, In. and we have two lustrons in the l0th street area. We had one on a hometour on l998 and over 700 people visited that site alone to see the interior. The owner, a friend, created a 50′s interior with number paintings and all. I have no problem with “just stopping ” and visiting with people who own them and have done so in St. Louis, Albany, Ny, Brookfield, Il. Palatine, Il, Lebanon, In. and even in some very remote areas. I was privileged to speak with a builder from Marion, In, who assembled homes in Indianapolis and helped to add a Lustron to the Indiana Landmarks status in South Bend area. Thanks for your support of this great subject and these homes.

  10. Paul Alsko Says:

    My family owns the Lustron home in Asheville N.C. My brother had completely restored it but unfortunately he has passed away. It is the one at 70 Hampden Rd.
    Beautifully landscaped and on 3/4 of an acre. Any interest my e-mail address is Thank you Paul Alsko

  11. Doris winter Says:

    Dear Paul, I am so sorry for your loss. I am interested in buying a Lustron. Many childhood hours was spent in one in Atlanta. I am looking to retire and haven’t picked a place. Your brother’s home could answer that puzzle for me. Please advice and kindest regards, Doris Winter

  12. Leslie Says:

    Dear Paul — I, too, am sorry to read of your loss. I live in Asheville and am in the market for a new house. If you are still looking for the right person interested in it, I would very much like to meet with you.

  13. Rachel Says:

    A Lustron home will be going on the market in Bloomington, IL. Owner has passed away and her family is selling it.

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