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63 Responses to “Welcome to the Lounge!”

  1. cora kulik Says:

    has anyone had any bulging tiles?

  2. Kent Pillatsch Says:

    The South Benton St Charles, MISSOURI entry doesn’t exist we drove up and down South Benton and didn’t see a Lustron.

  3. Teresa M. Baron Says:

    Original Lustron parts available: Windows, 2′ x 2′ panels, Upper Kitchen Cabinet, Utility Cabinet, Drawers, Roof Panels, etc. Most parts are in excellent to good condition. Contact Terri @ (708) 712-2311 for more information.

  4. Dillon Tasselmyer Says:

    i wish the person that took the photo of my house would have knocked on my door before talking the pictures. i can tell from the photo that i was home.

  5. brian reaume Says:


    the plaque with the serial number of my house has been removed. i can not find my number. can anyone give me advice on how to go about finding my houses number?

    thank you,

  6. Brad Thomas Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I had intended to purchase a Lustron home here in Louisville, KY. I called my State Farm insurance agent to find out how much it would cost to insure. He told me that State Farm had sent out emails as early as 2003 and 2005 stating that they would no longer insure Lustron homes. He is even sending me a letter stating that so I can back out of the contract I had made on the home. As much as I loved the home, I couldn’t see buying a home that any future owners may not be able to insure. I didn’t check with any other insurance companies since I have been a loyal State Farm customer for years. So I can not tell you if other companies have the same restriction. But, if one company is refusing to insure the homes, others will soon follow.

  7. Bill R. Says:

    We have never had a problem getting our Ohio Lustron home insured. We use Farmer’s Insurance.

  8. mike lafever Says:

    The home on Spruce St. in Dixon, IL is for sale at $65,000.00.

  9. Kevin P Says:

    My Ohio Lustron (purchased in 2007) is insured through State Farm – it took a couple of days to track down the right person for approval, but my agent got it done.

  10. Crystal- Farmers Agent Says:

    Bill R. I am a Farmers insurance agent. I am trying to get a policy written for one of my clients. Underwriting department is telling me Farmers have never written and Lustron home before. I would like to get some more info from you if you could email me at cgonzenbach@farmersagent.com. Thank you

  11. Tim.P Says:

    2-foot by 4-foot by 3/16-inch cement-asbestos (also called “transite”) boards. Has this been a problem to sell a Lustron due to disclosure?

  12. Conrad Says:

    For Tim
    No, however you have other asbestos in the chimny stack that is fryable, this can be removed and replaced with new flame retardant insulation. There is other small pieces in the frame construction, however its inside the first layer of metal and shouldn’t amount to be over a pound in total weight.

  13. john Bailey Says:

    In 1949 at the age if six, I moved into a new Lustron at 1113 Bydding Rd,
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, but sadly it appears to no longer exist? Four of its neighbors (#’s 1121, 1125, 1208, and 1129 Bydding) are in the locator. Looking for contact with owners of those to perhaps share information, may have photographs from that time.

  14. Donna Smith Says:

    Getting ready to list a Lustron home in Shreveport, La. Need to know what things to base a listing price on. It sits on a corner double lot. Except for a broken window in is in excellant condition. Still has the orginal carpet which to my surprise is in good shape. It is a Lustron #3. Call me at 318-617-5774

  15. helen houtz Says:

    I JUST PURCHASED LUSTRON HOME IN BROOKFIELD, OHIO. i’m so intrigued by my “new” home, I thought I’D GO ONLINE to try to find information. I JUST CAN’T believe i found my very house on the map.haven’t got to the insurance. sure hope it’s not a problem. just signed papers today.

  16. judy Says:

    Looking for info/specifications on the walls, unfortunately someone “defaced” my house prior to purchase. I would like to add a window by the front door, and need to know where the beams are, horizontal and vertical, can anyone help. Thanks

  17. Edwin Pawling Says:

    We have a Lustron vanity, in good condition. Looking to sell it!

  18. Sally B. Simpson Says:

    Does anyone know where to find old ads from magazines, posters, etc. for the lustron? I have been looking aimlessly in every antique mall, shop, flea market, and on the web for collectible, original advertisements, but have found nothing.

  19. Martin Robbins Says:

    There is a Lustron located near Fall River Wisconsin that is not listed in the locator. It is just off Hiway 16, on Siere Road approx. 3 miles west of Fall River. The original owners of the home were John & Martha Wenzel, now deceased. The home is located adjacent to a popular local supper club called The Casino. The Wenzels built the Lustron as their primary residence while owning and operating the supper club.

  20. Martin Robbins Says:

    To Sally Simpson, I have had success finding Lustron ads on e-bay.

  21. Rachel Ensor Says:

    Go to your local library or college library and look at the old newspapers from the time. They are probably on micro film. I would try Chicago area papers since so many Lustrons are in Illinois.

  22. Jake Says:

    there is a two car garage Luston in Toledo Ohio…only one I have ever seen…does anyone else have a two car home?

  23. Scott Murdock Says:

    Is the comment function in the Lustron Locator broken? Even when I am logged in, it won’t ever allow me to comment on a specific property.

    The entry for 2616 Terry Lake Road, Fort Collins CO seems incorrect. The property at that address is currently for sale and is advertised as a 3,700 square foot, 4 bedroom house built in 1967. Photos do not suggest any Lustron heritage. Was the address listed incorrectly?



  24. Jane Baker Says:

    I have a two car Lustron garage and home for sale in Kenton OHio

  25. Matt Says:

    I am looking for a roller for a pocket door if anyone has one they will sell me. You can email me at gessner17 at aol dot com.

  26. Frederick K. Zahrt Says:

    Please send a photo and your asking price.

  27. Bruce Says:

    Lustron house and lot for sale at auction:

    Saturday, April 2, 2011
    TIME: 10:00 a.m.
    Location: Xavier University Auditorium
    1 Drexel Dr.
    New Orleans, LA 70125

    Auction open to the public. Registration from 8-10 a.m. the day of the auction. Bidding starts at $1000. In poor condition, but with many pristine panels. Color is surf blue; best dismantled and used for parts. Otherwise, demolition probable fate.

  28. Margie Robinson Says:

    This home is now for sale. Where is the best place to let fans of Lustron know it is avaliable? The home is still in very good condition. The only things that have been changed are the kitchen sink base cabinet, and the bathroom sink vanity. This is the firsttime a home like this has been for sale in Storm Lake or Alta for around 30 years. Any tips or feedback would be greatly appreciated! I can be contacted at 712.732.2143 (office) or 712.299.1493 (cell) Margie Robinson, Realtor, CENTURY 21 The Professional Group, 813 Flindt Drive, Storm Lake, IA 50588

  29. Rachel Shoemaker Says:

    The Lustron at 519 Comanche in Bartlesville, Okla. appears to be for sale right now.


  30. steve Hyland Says:

    i have a two bedroom home in milwaukee WI. It is for sale but not the land. the home needs to be relocated or disassembled or stored for parts. it is in nice condition. The gutters need repair and the interior cabinets need light sanding and repainted. If anyone is interested in keeping this house from being demo’d please contact me at 765-470-2343. Ask for steve

  31. David Amundson Says:

    Jane Baker, have you sold your Kenton, OH Lustron yet?
    David Amundson

  32. steve Hyland Says:

    I have an esquire model that we will be disassembling here in Wisconsin in the next two weeks . I have a working pocket door and closet doors. I have one of the latches that the door locks on to as well that I have been offered 70 dollars for it because it is original and hard to come by. I may find the other 2 as we disassemble it. I will part out the whole house or sell what is left of it to one person for 5k. I will need your parts or the entire house to be removed from property asap once we get the demo permit from the city. There are some parts missing already. 16 of the outside tiles have been sold and 33 pieces of the roof have been sold as well. The existing bathroom sink is now broken due to vandals. There are still lots of original parts of this home for sale. call for pics and I can email them to you. 765-470-2343 ask for Steve
    P. S. the home will be demo’d by a back ho once the permit is issued so respond now if you are interested in it for parts. our only interest is recycling it at this time.

  33. Karl Kernagis Says:

    We have a Winchester Model (#2450) and need to know how to remove any exterior panels. This is required to get a proper color match for touch-ups. Any ideas?
    We have consulted the “Erection Manual”, but nothing seems to work.
    Karl K.,New Jersey.

  34. MELISSA Says:

    I am wondering if there are any telltale signs or clues to confirm if my home is a Lustron? Where is the plaque with the serial number that a fellow referenced earlier? Are there any other telltale clues if it is in fact a Lustron Home? I have a downspout near the patio door, but it is not zig-zag like some I have seen. I live in WA State and building records indicate our home was erected in 1954, but there are no historical plans for it available. The Realtor said she believed it to be a Lustron or Kit Home. It has been “remodeled” to a certain extent and doesn’t include the Lustron exterior tiles, but is all steel framed, has pocket door access in doorways to the Jack and Jill bathroom (with a beveled mirror placed on each of the outside of the doors on the bedroom sides, original stainless counters in the kitchen, and the “main” living room is practically an all steel paned window wall that has two 8 foot steel paned windows flanked between a set of functioning steel & paned french doors. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. It could be the only Lustron Home in Washington State!

  35. debra gangelhoff Says:

    I think I may have seen a Lustron on the highway going through Ossian, Iowa. Does anyone know if I am right? It is not on the Locator.

  36. Michael Hetrick Says:

    Just purchased my Lustron last month and love it. Will window replacement hurt value? I was told by realtor of tax incentives for owner of historic home by govt and state. Is this true?

  37. Michelle Says:

    I’m interested in finding a lustron for sale in central or western NY, would consider one the required moving also.

  38. Matthew Manz Says:

    Lustron home used as a business for sale in Clarion, Iowa.

  39. steve Hyland Says:

    I have an esquire model that we can now legally disassemble for parts here in Wisconsin. I have a working pocket door and closet doors. I have one of the latches that the door locks on to as well that I have been offered 70 dollars for it because it is original and hard to come by. I may find the other 2 as we disassemble it. I will part out the whole house or sell what is left of it to one person for 3k. I will need your parts or the entire house to be removed from property asap now that we have the demo permit from the city. There are still lots of original parts of this home for sale. call for pics and I can email them to you. 765-470-2343 ask for Steve
    P. S. the home will be scrapped for steel if I do not get any responses by January 7th 2012 so respond now if you are interested in it for parts. our only interest is recycling to other Lustron home owners or any one that wants to store the parts at this time.

  40. Carolyn (Cavallo) Brausch Says:

    I grew up in Lancaster, OH, and remember my dad, Louis Cavallo, working for Lustron for a short time – must have been shortly before they stopped doing business in 1950 and I would have been 5 at the time. I remember him taking us to see the home on Tallmadge Ave. after completion and how proud he was of his work. I was fascinated by the metal construction and the built-ins. I thought it was a dollhouse! I am pleased and intrigued that The Ohio Historical Center is reconstructing one of the homes as a museum and will definitely visit! Great history and a wonderful memory!

  41. Live InArea Says:

    I ran across this real estate listing and don’t see this house listed:


    It apparently is for sale.

  42. K.Smith Says:

    there is a gray “Esquire” Lustron in Hannibal Missouri 4074 Hillside Drive – with Garage – that is not listed on the register!

  43. Chuck T Says:

    I want to sell my Lustron home in Palmerton Pennsylvania. I just bought the property and do not want the house. It must be disasembled and moved or it will probably be demolished. In very nice shape. All parts seem to be there and is in working condition as far as I can see. Anyone Interested???

  44. Greg Berry Says:

    I have a Lustron for sale. It is going to be sold or modernized within the month for rental property. If you are interested in buying my Lustron please contact me ASAP.

  45. Greg Berry Says:

    Our home is in Marion,VA please write us soon if you are interested in saving the home. 276-783-7546 or gandpberry@comcast.net

  46. Cassondra Larsen Says:

    I have a Lustron Home listed for sale in New Orleans LA 70122. It is on the Historic list. Looking for interested buyers.

    Cassondra Larsen
    Keller Williams Realty 4550100
    Independently Owned and Operated
    4725 Veterans Memorial Blvd
    Metairie, LA 70006
    Office 504-455-0100
    Cell 504-628-4686
    Fax 504-455-0322
    email casslarsen@cox.net

    Broker and Associates are licensed in the State of Louisiana, USA

  47. Bill Trudeau Says:

    I have most panels for a Lustron home listed on Ebay currently.


    These were removed from a home in Lombard Illinois 8-6-12 due to storm damage to the right rear edge of the roof.

  48. Scott Dempsey Says:

    I have a newly renovated Lustron for sale by owner. It is a 2 bedroom model. It is in excellent condition. The home is located in Dixon, Illinois. Contact me for additional details/photos if interested.

  49. Scott Dempsey Says:

    My email for contact is scott.dempsey12@comcast.net

  50. chris wallen Says:

    Lustron 2 bedroom for sale. Will need to be removed from property. I bought property to put up garage next to my own house. Lustron address is 114 stimpson ct. , Michigan City IN 46360. Feel free to contact at 219 898 8483. call or text

  51. chris wallen Says:

    If no responses by August 31st 2012 the house will be torn down and scrapped

  52. Mike pody Says:

    Have a nice lustron home @1005 grant st lake Geneva wi 53147. 2br w/ attached 2 car garage
    Nice corner lot. 10 blocks from lake. $130,000

  53. Elizabeth D Says:

    By chance, was looking at real estate listings and noticed this 1950 Lustron for sale at 3523 N 48th Street in Omaha, NE. Asking price is $22,440. Looks a bit rough on the inside but for $22,440 how could you say no?.


  54. Mark Says:

    Two lustrons homes for sale. Dismantled and stored in Huron, Ohio. One is a westchester deluxe model in maize yellow in good condition for $10,0000. I do not know what the other model is but it is also maize yellow and has slight wear and tear so it is only $6,000. They can be sold either together or seperatly. For more imformation please email me at mgridley@heidelberg.edu

  55. rob Says:

    we just purchased a Westchester 03 and it is missing 3 pocket doors anyone know where we can purchase these. we live in Indiana if anyone knows how to clean the interior and exterior panels any help would be appreciated. thanks. email us at cubies3@gmail.com

  56. John Says:

    I went to an open house recently and it happened to be a lustron home. I love the location and the lot, but unsure of the house. What is the value of a lustron compared to a similar style home that is conventionally built? Just want an idea before I make an offer. Jlandolfi1979@aol.com thanks

  57. Debbie Taylor Says:

    Im having a problem with getting my Lustron home insured as well. Please help

  58. Debbie Taylor Says:

    Where are the answers to these questions?

  59. Ruth Says:

    I am looking for someone in Des Moines, Iowa, who is interested in preservation of Lustron houses.
    I had a friend who was very interested in these houses, particularly in the Des Moines, Iowa area, and had some books, a DVD and some other information. She died in December. I would like to give these things to someone in this area who would be interested in them. I know she talked to someone in Des Moines several years ago, but I don’t know who that was.

    Since there are about 18 of these houses around here, and a lot of her information was specific to Des Moines, I would much rather give locally if possible. Contact me at RuthQuinn17@Hotmail.com.

  60. eric Says:

    I did a study in grad school in 1992 on the Lustron Homes in Arlington, Virginia. I just posted on facebook a set of pictures of them. All but a few are now gone, unfortunately.

  61. Corrin Belle Says:

    We own a Lustron home in North Dakota. We insured with Northstar Mutual Insurance Company.

  62. Deborah Lohr Says:

    I have recently purchased a Lustron home in Erie, PA. I am thrilled to own this little piece of our American history. Sadly, however, the iconic zig zag post is missing. Would anyone know where I could acquire one?

  63. Steel Yourselves: The Brief but Illustrious History of Lustron | All Sides with Ann Fisher - WOSU Public Media Says:

    [...] Lustron Preservation Society’s website features an exhaustive guide to Lustron houses including location, preservation, original [...]

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