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Welcome to Help for Lustrons. Here is where you will find a plethora of information on the restoration, preservation, repair and maintenance of Lustron homes.

Things You Want to Know About the Lustron Home-Pocket Brochure
Things You Want to Know About the Lustron Home-Pocket Brochure

    • If you are not sure of the difference between, preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and reconstruction the Glossary is a great place to start.
    • Is there an endangered Lustron in your community? Want to help but not sure how? Visit our Advocacy section for some guidelines on preservation advocacy.
    • Wonder what questions early Lustron owners had about their homes? Take a gander at the FAQ 1940s Style to see the contents of an Lustron Corporation brochure answering potential owners frequently asked questions about the Lustron home.
    • Visit Repair and Maintenance where you can find information on how to repair and maintain your Lustron home.
    • Review our Lustron Guidelines created to help you figure out how to best approach repairs.
    • Want some quick advice on what to do and not to do? Visit Do’s and Don’ts.
    • Interested in getting your Lustron listed on the National Register of Historic Places or locally designated as part of a local landmark designation program? Click here.
    • Want to try and find the serial number of your Lustron? Visit, How to Find Your Serial Number.

39 Responses to “Help for Lustrons”

  1. gary beamer Says:

    I would like to know if you can help .I think my diner is maid up with your panles and i would like to redo the out side .Is their some one in the Clyde Ohio area that can help?

  2. Greg Holmes Says:

    Did Lustron produce commercial buildings? There are several in Great Bend, Kansas, that use Lustron or Lustron-like panels, and there are 18 Lustron homes there. Is it possible that a Lustron dealer could have gotten hold of parts when the factory closed and used them for his own projects?

  3. Steve McLoughlin Says:

    Gary: Give me a call if you’re still interested in Lustron panels. Steve, Columbus (614) 738-2485

  4. Michael Says:

    Fellow Lustron owners,
    Question: I have a number of broken ‘disks’ in the closet doors of my house. I can get replacements made, but the problem is is that I cannot remove the broken piece and core/hub from the door.
    If I can do this, then I can just screw in a new disk with a hole in the proper area for installation.
    If anyone can tell me how to get that piece of a disk out, I would appreciate it.
    Pleas email me with an answer to

  5. joel Says:

    im about to buy a lustron in whiting indiana… anyone have any spare parts? i cant wait.. my first home. i did my research… pretty neat

  6. Brenda Says:

    Did the exhaust hatch in the kitchen originally have a fan in it? Or at least a grid over it to keep insects out when it’s open? Where can we find parts for the top of the sliding doors, they’re all broken and will not slide…most of the doors had been removed but we still have them. We have a leak in the wall behind the washer drain pipe. Water leaks into the bathroom when the washer is on the spin cycle. How do we repair the drain pipe?

  7. Bob Craig Says:

    A Lustron in NJ has recently been listed for sale. Does this webpage provide a forum for information about Lustrons currently for sale across the US? An answer would be useful for me, and for local preservationists who are concerned that a buyer may be more interested in the land than the house.

  8. Martha Says:

    I’m interested in products to clean the walls, soap and water doesn’t work nor does pine-sol. A method to repair the gutters, and any rust. Repairing the floor tiles and leveling them. No one in Berkshire County MA is willing to repair anything working on a metal house is seems taboo to contractors. We also need new wiring recommendations on lighting fixtures. Were wood floors installed in these homes?

    Thanks for your help pretty frustrated.

  9. Glenn Richter Says:

    My mother used ammonia & water, but that was a lot of work. Her cleaning lady (when she got too old to do it) used Spic & Span with a sponge mop, and it seems to work fine. Sorry you’re frustrated — I grew up in this house and moved back in after mom died, so I’m used to it. (see pix at my website.) Basically, you have to do everything yourself, although I did find a gutter guy to replace them with seamless aluminum gutters — just a local independent guy here in central Conn., not a franchisee of some big outfit — and he did a very good job at a good price. I’ve replaced lighting fixtures with ones from home depot and from flea markets with no particular problem. I did the floors with interlocking rubber Flexitiles from lowe’s. They’re about 19 in. square and go right down on top of the asphalt tiles (as long as they’re in OK shape) with NO adhesive. Works great, no waxing, they don’t move around and I think they look very Lustron. Hope you start having better luck!

  10. Glenn Richter Says:

    As for rust, there are lots of outfits with rust “converters” that chemically change rust into an inert, paint-like finish. Permatex makes one. Also, there are sites such as this one:

  11. Nappy Martin Says:

    Wow, I’m looking for gutter replacement ahd roof rehab in Great Barrington, Mass. Central CT is close enough for me, would love to hear from Glenn Richter and/or his gutters contractor. If he can do the roof, all the better… Here’s my e-mail: Thanks!

  12. Nappy Martin Says:

    More on Lustron roof: Does anyone know where the original stamps went? It would seem that with codes for new roofing becoming ever more stringent, tile-for-tile replacement (legal in Massachusetts, anyway) would be the way to go. If enough of you are interested and the old stamps cannot be located, I’ll go in on having a new set made.

  13. Nappy Martin Says:

    Lastly, what does anyone know about a product from TKO called Metal-1?

  14. Marilyn Miller Says:

    How do you hand pictures in a Lustron home?
    How do you update the electrical in a Lustron home?
    Thank you for your website.

  15. Jane Baker Says:

    I have a Lustron HOme in Kenton Ohio for s. It was my aunt’s home and she has passed away. If anyone is interest let me know. It is in good condition and she was the only owner.

  16. kim collett Says:

    Hello, I have just rented a diner and have the interior panels to offer. We are preserving the outside, but had to demo the inside and have very carefully removed the panels and chrome trim. Please contact me if you are interested!

    Panels are white and green.


  17. Nicole McKinney Says:

    I just bought a Lustron Home in Beech Grove Indiana. I can’t wait to move in! People have been telling me to use 3M Tape to hang pics. (Apparently there are different weights.)

  18. Nicole McKinney Says:

    Two questions:
    1) Does anyone have a kitchen sink cabinet in good condition for sale? Ours is rusted under the pipes.
    2) Does anyone have a Bedroom Vanity for sale?

  19. William Smith Says:

    Getting ready to move into a Lustron Home and looking for a place to find replacement parts (doors in particular). I found this site, but the threads seem to end in 2008. Any suggestions here in 2011?

  20. Marty White Says:


    Which doors are you looking for. Email me at

    Marty White

  21. artie spencer Says:

    Can anyone tell me if a central air conditioner can be installed in a
    Lustron Home. If so can you explain to me how it works? Thank any info
    would be great!

  22. Wade Williams Says:

    How do you replace the glass in the front door ?

  23. Richard Keller Says:

    How have others repaired exterior rust spots? My Lustron home has several
    from the size of a dime to about 4X6″

  24. Richard Keller Says:

    How have others repaired exterior rust spots? My Lustron home has
    several from dime size to dollar bill size.

  25. Richard Keller Says:

    How have others repaired exterior rust spots? My Lustron home
    has several from dime size to dollar bill size.

  26. Richard Keller Says:

    How have other repaired exterior rust spots? I have several from
    dime to dollar bill size.

  27. Mo Aranda Says:

    Are there companys out there that can move a lustrom home…Does the home have to be disassembled or can it they be moved without disassembling…If so, what are the costs for doing this???

  28. Ken Ricke Says:

    I have just purchased some property in Iowa with a Lustron house on it. Is there anyone interested in
    purchasing the whole house and moving it?

  29. Ken Ricke Says:

    I have just purchased some property in Iowa with a Lustron house on it. Is there anyone interested in purchasing the whole house and moving it?

  30. Amy Thomas Says:

    Ken Ricke: Have you emailed the yahoo Lustron group? They are very active and someone might want the house or the parts.

  31. Kevin Says:

    Wade, if you haven’t found it by now, there’s a slot in the top of the door. It’s a challenge, but you can work the glass in from there.

  32. Shelley Nichols Says:

    What can you use to remove paint from the interior walls without damaging the original porcelain enamel? Need your help sooooooon!!

  33. Norman Perkins Says:


  34. Unique find among Hutchinson KS homes for sale Says:

    [...] For more information about Lustron houses and their preservation, check out this preservation website. [...]

  35. David K. Says:

    Seeking any information on how to remove interior panels for rewiring the electrical service.


  36. Susan Wolding Says:

    I would like to know if there are any organizations or citizens out there that would like to purchase a Lustron Winchester? I have two and I would like to sell one. They are disassembled now and in storage. You can email me at if interested It will go to highest offer. thank you

  37. Susan Wolding Says:

    Remove paint with goop or water blast it off. The finish is porcelain and the paint will come off. I even think, don’t know, that you could sand blast it off. I would try sand blasting a stove first to know if it wrecks the finish.

  38. Kiet Nguyen Says:

    We have a blue lustron in North Carolina. We are looking at selling it along with the land it sits on for a really good deal to the buyer. Anyone interested you can email me at

  39. Lauren G. Says:

    I lived in my Lustron home for many years & I’ve made several chips in my wall panels. Does anyone know how to repair them? Thank you.

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